Plein Air Painting by June Long-Schuman

A painting of a coastal bluffKings Park Bluff 2, oil on canvas

June Long-Schuman is an artist based in Long Island, New York. After receiving her master’s degree in fine art, June developed her art practice drawing inspiration from plein air painting techniques as well as new age medicine.


An oil painting of a park with autumnal treesCaleb Smith Park, oil on board

In her oil painting practice, June tends toward scenes of the local landscape, painting coastal images of boats, lighthouses and beaches. In keeping with the technique of plein air painting, June captures impressions of these landscapes, utilizing slightly subdued pigments and gestural brush marks to quickly capture an image of a setting before losing the light.


A screen capture of June Long-Schuman's art


June also creates custom beaded jewelry. Through her portfolio website, she sells bracelets, necklaces and earrings, made with large statement beads in simple and elegant compositions. In addition to her personal art practice, June hosts and organizes group painting parties in which she guides each participant through the creation of their own oil painting. 


A handmade earring and bracelet setbracelet and earring set, blue striped dyed shell beads, hematite, silver-plated clasp

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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