Paintings in Three Dimensions by Vincent McLoughlin

A painted sculpture of a flat tree by Vincent McLoughlinflowers from Henri #24, acrylic on primed Luan 

Vincent McLoughlin is a Pennsylvania artist whose portfolio makes reference to art history while creating artworks and paintings in three dimensions.  Vincent’s recent works are focused on bright colors and semi-repeating patterns.


An abstract painting by Vincent McLoughlinrbyonbonw, acrylic on custom-built primed Luan panel


I enjoy the way Vincent is able to switch between levels of abstraction in his portfolio, while maintaining a cohesive painting style. He often takes florals or floral-esque forms as subjects, many of which have a Keith Haring-like appeal to them. Relatively simple and minimal forms are rendered in bright colors, with heavy line art and seem to vibrate with energy.


A screen capture of artworks on Vincent McLoughlin's art websiteVincent's gallery of artworks on


Vincent’s portfolio also makes deliberate reference to the likes of Henri Matisse and Frank Stella. The artist has been creating work professionally for a number of decades, and the sheer volume of work available to view on Vincent’s portfolio is quite impressive. It also allows the viewer the unique experience of being able to track the evolution of the artist’s style.


A painting made with small patches of bright primary colorsrbyr, acrylic on custom-built repurposed plywood board



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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