Paintings of Wide Open Spaces by Crystal DiPietro

A painting of a desert rock formation in shadow, oil on canvas

Crystal DiPietro is a painter who grew up exposed to the wilderness of Pennsylvania, later moving to Nevada after discovering her love for desert landscapes. This love shines through in many of the artist’s paintings of wide open spaces and rocky landscapes.


A painting of redwood trees from an upward angleMighty Giants, oil on canvas


I like the way Crystal utilizes contour lines in her paintings. It lends a great sense of texture to landscapes that might otherwise contain large planes of unchanging pigment. The different curved lines of warm, reddish hues really capture the look and feel of the Nevada desert region. Crystal’s contour technique also translates really well into foliage and plant life, like the subjects seen in her plant and floral studies gallery.


A screen capture of the landscape gallery on Crystal DiPietro's art websiteCrystal's Landscapes gallery


Though the artist’s landscapes are of a very open, often treeless landscape, they rarely seem desolate. Crystal only occasionally works with figures, yet her landscapes all seem very inviting, even friendly in their way. The slightly off-kilter painting methods create a great sense of movement and shimmer in each work. 


A study of a yucca plantYucca, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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