Painting on Water: Art by Kim Keever

An artwork made by dropping paint into waterAbstract 29039

Kim Keever is a former NASA intern who turned to art in a wildly innovative fashion by painting on water. Using a 200-gallon fish tank as the starting point for each work, Keever submerges paint pigments and other materials into the tank, captures the unique interactions between water and art materials with a camera.

An artwork by Kim Keever depicting eroding mountainsEroding Mountains 8286


Looking at these works, it’s clear that Keever has a good working knowledge of physics and gravity, and is able to predict to some degree the way a material will act when it is introduced.  I love Keever’s abstract works, where the artist drips house paint slowly into the tank. The pigments become heavy, solid-looking clouds once they drop below the surface and begin to diffuse and interact with one another – sort of a three-dimensional version of the art of Luis Pagan or J.D. Doria.


Aside from abstraction, Keever also creates figurative works by placing sculptural elements into the bottom of the tank. Small plants and mounds of hardened plaster become trees and mountain ranges. 

An abstract artwork by Kim KeeverAbstract 9353b


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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