Chaotic Aesthetics: Painting by Jude Hotchkiss

An abstract painting by Jude HotchkissEarthmade, oil and medium on canvas

Jude Hotchkiss is an artist based in Regional New South Wales, Australia. Jude’s recent abstract paintings are intended partly to express the chaotic aesthetics of shifting weather patterns.


An abstract painting with neutral and warm red tonesCloudbuild, oil and medium on canvas


I quite enjoy the works in Jude’s gallery of paintings from 2017. Each of the works is a totally abstract, brightly colored composition that expresses a different moods and tones using numerous curt, deliberate brush marks that have a formally uniform appearance. Jude’s paints are layered on thick to each canvas, creating a multi-layered appearance in which the viewer can easily get lost.


A gallery of 2017 images by Jude HotchkissJude's portfolio gallery of 2017 paintings


The cracks that happen to form as the thick layered paint begins to dry also references the weathering that occurs during and as a result of the aforementioned weather patterns, and storms. I really enjoy the contrast in Jude’s paintings between the lighter shades of grey, and pastel pinks and blue and the heavy black patches that are often situated in the foreground of the composition. They add a sense of certain drama to these abstractions. 


An abstract painting with brush strokes moving in a wave patternStormwash, oil and medium on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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