Painting With Thread: Art by Anya Doll

An artwork by Anya Doll made from various fabricsCourage, textile collage with lace, fabric threads, ribbon and yarn

Anya Doll began her artistic practice working in acrylic paints, but has since moved on to basic her practice around an interesting textile technique - what she calls painting with thread. Originally conceived as a way of expressing and reconciling differing or difficult experiences, Anya’s textile style creates works that warmly colorful with a deliberate sense of composition.


A textile artwork by Anya Doll with a maze-like imageWisdom, fiber collage with lace, fabric threads, ribbon and yarn


Many of Anya’s “paintings” are akin to quilts in the way that they seem to be created by laying specifically shaped pieces of fabric over top one another. In many cases, the works are figurative, and have an interesting, almost illustrative sensibility. They are quite reminiscent of the works of Lisa Lackey, though Anya tends more toward intricately patterned pieces of fabric.


A screen capture of Anya Doll's art websiteAnya's portfolio website,


Anya’s portfolio website also includes a selection of abstract compositions. These remind me a bit of the quilted works of Pat Autenrieth, where the act of creating a textile composition seems to become a part of the work as well. 


A mini prayer flag in the shape of a floral bouquetCelebrate, mini prayer flag

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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