Pickledog Studio: Art by Sally Adams

A painting of an albino moose on a blue stretch of landscapeAlbino Moose, acrylic on wood

Sally Adams is a painter who divides her time between Shelby Township, Michigan, and Sarasota Florida. She creates softly blended, small yet vast paintings under her Pickledog Studio name.


A painting of a red cardinal on a single branchWindow Gazing, acrylic on wood with gloss varnish


The artist often works by taking photographs of potential subjects, draws inspiration from these captured images but not always directly referencing the photos. I’m quite fond of the overall aesthetic of the works in Sally’s current portfolio. Her paintings are beautifully subdued and blended, giving the viewer just enough visual information to form a figurative image, though remaining mostly focused on a gradient color plane.


A screen capture of a painting gallery on the Pickledog Studio websiteSally's archive of Kids and Dogs paintings


I like the way Sally simplifies her picture planes, tending to focus on one of two very small figures that stand out against seemingly huge expanses of blended color. The backgrounds are focused on one primary hue but are not monochromatic, rather imbued with a great sense of depth drawn from light and shadow. 

A painting of a field of poppiesSea of Poppies, acrylic and texture on canvas with gloss varnish

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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