Inquisitive View: Art by Jasmine J. Calix

A painting of flowers on a blue backgroundFalling, oil on board

Painter and photographer Jasmine J. Calix creates bright, playful artworks that suggest an inquisitive view of the world around her. Jasmine’s photography captures clean, singular images of architectural moments, as well as a few neat views of the moon.


A painting of blue lemonsBlue Lemons, oil on canvas sheet


I like the way Jasmine has named the different pages in her portfolio: “Inside World,” “Outside World” “Opposite World” convey an interesting way of observing things, and are a great way to categorize a varied practice. Jasmine’s Opposite World gallery is especially interesting – the artist uses the concept of opposites to create surreal images and explore a world in which colors are reversed. Her deconstructions are similarly surreal, though stylistically cohesive with her still-life images.  


A screen capture of Jasmine J. Calix's art websiteJasmine's Outside World gallery


I quite admire Jasmine’s photography. In each image, the artist seems to focus in on a particular color scheme or composition, generally limiting the scope of the photo to one or two objects or subjects. The resulting works seem focused, almost documentary, and beautifully subdued. 


A painting inspired by cubist stylesCubist Music, oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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