Plein Air Paradise: Art by Susette Billedeaux Gertsch

A painting of a wild array of flowersMaster's Garden II,oil

Utah-based artist Susette Billedeaux Gertsch specializes in plein air painting, creating wild, rugged florals and landscapes. Susette’s portfolio, Plein Air Paradise, is filled out with life paintings and images of rural European architecture.


A painting of a snowy river and treesMarch River and Trees, oil on linen


I love the thick layers of paint that Susette applies to her canvas – the paint leaves no room for negative space, and the artist tends to completely cover every surface in bright, saturated paint. All of her marks seem very deliberate, as if while working freehand she still has a distinct plan for every step of her art-making process.


The front page of Susette Billedeaux Gertsch's art websiteSusette's portfolio website,


Despite the somewhat loose, gestural hand of the artist, Susette’s paintings are still incredibly detailed. They do a good job of capturing the changing texture and temperatures of nature’s seasons. I especially enjoy Susette’s use of lighting in some of her Museum paintings – warm yellow tones enhance the look of human figures and room interiors, creating a truly inviting appearance. 


An oil painting of a woman reading in the sunSaturday Morning, oil 

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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