Hybrid of Disciplines: Art by Robert Porazinkski

An abstract geometric painting with numerous overlapping linesInterruption #1, acrylic on OSB board

Robert Porazinski is a mixed media artist who combines realistic figurative painting with hard geometric abstractions to create an interesting hybrid of disciplines. In much of his work, Robert favors clean lines, slightly subdued color, and eye for detail.


A geometric abstract painting with curved blue linesInterruption #9, acrylic on birch panel


Robert’s most recent works, a series titled Interruptions are fully abstract. Each work in this series is based on colored lines that curve across the substrate, creating an interesting sense of three-dimensional curvature and movement. The artist’s knowledge and use of color theory in this series is also interesting, and somewhat reminiscent of later works by Bridget Riley. The viewer is able to see how different colors behave differently according to their placement in the overall composition.


The front  page of Robert Porazinski's art websitewww.rporazinski.com


I also quite enjoy Robert’s Automatons, where images of birds are sectioned out and embellished with hard, slicing lines of color. In many of these images, the figure of the bird is altered using surreal colors or even scenery within its outline.


An oil painting of a bird with surreal elementsHybrid #3, oil on birch panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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