Cubism With A Contemporary Twist: Art by Trevor Pye

A mixed media artwork featuring a cubist aestheticStill Life With Hesitation, acrylic and graphite on Arches paper


Trevor Pye is a mixed media artist whose works reference modernism and cubism with a contemporary twist. The artist combines planes of soft, neutral-leaning color with heavy, overlapping line art to create contoured images.


A painting of a house surrounded by rolling hillsIt Was Here we Dwelt for the Duration of the Great Work, acrylic on canvas


I’m enjoying Trevor’s gallery of recent works. The still-life drawings and paintings in this gallery all seem to have an interesting sense of translucence, where the outlines of figures in the background are visible through objects in the foreground. Trevor renders his figures and shapes in such a way as to form bulbous planes of color, which occasionally overlap into segments of blended color.


Trevor Pye's online gallery of recent artworksTrevor's gallery of recent works

Trevor’s recent series This Land is a departure from much of his portfolio of work. These primarily black and white drawings seem to focus much more on texture than color, and sketched charcoal lines hold a compelling sense of the artist’s hand. I also really appreciate the sparse moments of color in these works that seem to highlight specific moments and figures. 


A black and white drawing of a rocky landmassThis Land 2, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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