Attention-Grabbing Ink: Tattoo Art by Brian Joubert

A photo of a peony flower tattooed on someone's armMike's Peony

Brian Joubert is a Kelowna-based tattoo artist. Brian creates intricate drawings, often in black and white, translating them into colorful, attention-grabbing ink at the specification of his tattoo clients.


A drawing of a heart-shaped rose by Brian JoubertHeart Rose


I’m quite fascinated by Brian’s drawing style – it’s very illustrative, and stylistically unique. Each of the images seems self-contained, floating in the negative space of the page at large, and yet tendrils of sketched lines seem to bleed out at the edge of each figure. The way Brian utilizes these lines gives each work a spidery, static-y appearance that adds a great deal of visual appeal.


A screen capture of Brian Joubert's online tattoo galleryBrian's online tattoo portfolio


These spidery sketch marks aren’t quite as apparent in the artist’s tattoo works, which are generally clean, with heavy and deliberate lines. Bright blues and greens seem to factor frequently into Brian’s finished tattoos, which he produces at Narrow Waters Tattoo in Kelowna. The artist’s subject matter varies wildly, though he seems to have a particular affinity for cartoonish animals and machine parts.

A black and white drawing of a spark plugSpark Plug

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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