Delicate Star Fields by Lemat Works

A gif image by Lemat WorksSuper Meteor

Lemat Works is a .GIF artist who produces delicate star fields and abstract images that move and glitter through animation. Based in Japan, the artist also produces designs for accessories and works of sound art.


A gif image of golden stars fallingGolden Stars


Lemat often creates their .GIF works within a grid-like structure, often on a black background covered in a web of colored or white points, stars, and other small shapes. The resulting images have the effect of cascading rain. In some, the viewer feels as if they are zooming through outer space while passing small objects. Based on social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram, Lemat creates their works in a sphere designed for passing along and sharing.


The artist’s designs for T-shirts, phone cases, and other accessories are an interesting blend of the .GIF aesthetic, and static geometric artworks. Many of these pieces are like looking at a paused frame of one of the artist’s .GIF works. 


A gif by Lemat Works featuring bats flying through the airBats Night

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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