Sharp, Distinct, Sounds by Aaron Gallant

Saints Row IV Sound Design Demo


Aaron Gallant is a California-based sound designer working mainly in video games, though he has previous experience working in film and television. Aaron crafts sharp, distinct sounds to evoke a variety of objects, settings, and tones.


Sound Design Challenges video


It’s interesting to look through Aaron’s portfolio just to see how a sound-based portfolio can function alongside visual references. It’s somewhat different from a traditional visual art portfolio. In video clips that sample gameplay, Aaron’s sound work stand alongside art and design from other people on a team, showcasing the collaborative nature of game design.


Aaron Gallant's sound design portfolio websiteThe front page of Aaron's portfolio website,


Videos like the one showing Aaron’s work on the Saints Row game series focus on how the artist’s sound design accompanies gameplay, bolstered by Aaron’s own words about his inspiration and intention in creating each specific sound. Whether he’s designing ambient background noise, or sounds to accompany specific actions, Aaron focuses on layered, detailed sound structures, keeping in mind the mood that he wants to evoke in the player. 


Iron Man Video Game sound reel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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