Classically Styled Portraits by Kumiko Buller

A painting of a woman sitting on a chair in a grey dressKyoko, pastel on pumice board

Kumiko Buller was born in Japan and now lives and works in New York. As a figurative artist, Kumiko specializes in classically styled portraits created in blended pastels.  


A painting of a young woman sitting on a stoolMargie, pastel on pumice board


I like the softness of both the pastel medium and the particular way that Kumiko utilizes it, in these works. Though the subjects of the artworks tend to be subdued and straightforward, the softly blended and textured surface of each image lends them a pleasant, dreamy aesthetic. The figures in Kumiko’s works share a sense of easy movement that stems from this blending, as if captured in transit or while performing some activity.


A screen capture of Kumiko Buller's art websiteThe front page of Kumiko's art website


Also on Kumiko’s online portfolio are a series of black and white drawings. These drawings sometimes take the form of highly detailed work in charcoal, pastel, and occasionally ink, Others are more like rough sketches, in which Kumiko uses layers of hard and fast line art to build up an image. 


An untitled drawing of a mysterious faceUntitled, Sumi ink and charcoal on pumice board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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