Spun Cotton: Ornamental Artworks by Fascia Berlin

A spun cotton ornament made to look like a girl holding a snowflakeSilver Snowflake, natural cotton batting with silver glitter

Artist Fascia Berlin works specifically with spun cotton, creating intricate ornaments that toe the line between sculpture and textile art. Fascia sells many of her pieces through her website.


A springtime angel made from spun cottonStanding Flower Angel


Spun cotton sculpture is a technique originating in 19th century Germany, in which threads of cotton are wound tightly around an armature to create shapes and figures. Fascia’s works closely follow these original techniques, and the resulting works have a definite sense of old-world charm.

The artist mainly produces hanging ornaments in the shapes of girls and animals. I find the spindly legs of the figures, sculpted in bleached white cotton and occasional earthy grey and brown tones, cute and inviting in an almost surreal fashion.


A screen capture of Fascia Berlin's art websiteFascia's portfolio website, www.fasciaberlin.com


In her series of girls and angels, Fascia sculpts the body and attaches a vintage-like image of a painted face to the top of the armature, forming the face of the character while enforcing that antique paper-doll aesthetic.  


Two spun cotton donkey ornamentsSanctuary Donkey "Mother" and "Baby," cotton with hand-painted garland

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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