Artist Portfolio: Noah Verrier

Sunset painting over a lakeSunset No. 26


“150 Sunsets” explores the idea of commitment through a year long durational art project.


Noah Verrier has been painting since childhood. Verrier earned his MFA in Studio Art at Florida State University. He currently is a working artist, and adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University. His work has been featured in many exhibits in the United States, and abroad. Noah was awarded the Emerging Artist of the year award for 2007 by the Von Liebig Museum of Fine Art and the Naples National Art Festival, and has also garnered numerous other awards including first place in the 2004 Rollins juried exhibit, second place at the Winter Festival in Tallahassee, FL, and four awards of merit at the Lemoyne Art Foundation.

View more of Noah's sunset paintings on his artist portfolio website:

Noah Verrier working on a painting at sunsetNoah Verrier painting a sunset

Pink sunset painting at a lakeSunset No. 40


Written by: Eric Deis
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