Elemental Abstractions: Art by Edward Welch

An abstract drawing with bright blue huesUntitled

New York-based artist Edward Welch creates sweeping, elemental abstractions in traditional drawing media. The artist’s body of work is focused on color, with Edward treating color as an object in its own right.


An abstract drawing with thick and colorful line artUntitled


No matter the composition, the surfaces of Edward’s works are always completely covered in color. I enjoy the overlapping, cross-hatched nature of the artist’s hand – in series like Edward’s Elements this technique of slightly feathered lines creates an inviting texture. Formal and compositional aspects vary throughout Edward’s portfolio, with some planes of color that seem to the suggestion of shapes, like grass, leaves, and even defined figures. These figures seem to float to the surface and sink back into the picture plane.


A screen capture of Edward Welch's portfolio websiteEdward's portfolio website, www.edward-welch-art.com


Edward tends to utilize a distinct color scheme in each work, and groups different series into categories that express the color scheme, composition, and technique. The artist displays great range throughout his portfolio.


An abstract drawing with  half geometric forms and bright colorsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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