Professional Hair Styling: Art by Boyd Tizenor

A mixed media artwork of a colorful butterflyJOY, mixed media on wood

Boyd Tizenor is an artist and a professional hairdresser. In his personal practice, the artist creates energetic abstraction on wood panels and surfboards, drawing on this artistic energy in his professional hair styling work.


A professional hairstyle for a photoshootUntitled, hairstyle


It’s really interesting to see the types of hairstyles that Boyd produces, alongside his personal body of paintings. While the two media are very different, there’s a striking similarity in the artist’s approach, with a sense of contained exuberance – whether that’s through stylistic constraints when doing a model’s hair for a shoot, or through the imposition of figurative outlines in his paintings.


A screen capture of Boyd Tizenor's art websiteBoyd's art website,


Boyd’s surfboard paintings are an interesting and quite apt application for his somewhat frenetic style of painting. The heavy, colorful lines and carefree approach that the artist utilizes seem to reflect the unpredictability of the ocean’s currents, creating an inspiring parallel between artist and surfer. 


A photo of three hand-painted surfboardsUntitled, surfboards

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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