Town Portraits: Art by Tom Menard

An illustration of the town of NorwichNorwich

Tom Menard is a self-taught artist who works with a pointillism-inspired technique, creating intricate town portraits. Based in small-town Connecticut, Tom is inspired by the architecture and surroundings of New England villages.


An illustration of a rosy red houseRoseland Red


I love the illustrative quality of Tom’s paintings – the incredible level of detail that the artist strives for seems both meticulous and playful, as if the artist is genuinely enjoying painting every small window on a building, and detailing each branch and leaf on a tree. The lightly textured painting technique that Tom employs lends each work a sort of three-dimensional appearance, sometimes making the works look like dioramas when seen at a glance.


A screen capture of the front page of Tom Menard's art websiteThe front page of Tom's website


Tom also dabbles in portraiture and abstraction, examples of which are available in his portfolio. In his abstract works, he tends toward a somewhat cubist, surrealist style that seems to reference works by artists such as Constantin Brancusi or Richard Pousette-Dart. Brightly colored and three-dimensional figures interact on the canvases while defying any straightforward visual definition. 


An abstract painting of several surreal figuresmy friends

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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