Black or White Photography by Kevin Callahan

A photo of a vintage rooftop building signMusic Man

Originally from rural Ohio, Kevin Callahan has been a photography enthusiast all his life, and now creates professional photos on both a personal and commissioned basis. Kevin showcases his photographic works on his Black or White photography website.


A photo of a pair of birds sitting on a reedBirds on a Reed


Kevin’s portfolio covers a wide range of subject matter, from staged portraits and candid festival photos, to sweeping snapshots of wilderness and urban scenery. The artist’s photographic style is highly changeable, shifting to suit his subject matter. Thoughtful portraiture in black and white with minimalist composition is contrasted with panoramic, saturated views of plants, animals, and landscapes.


The front page of Kevin CallahanKevin's photography website,


The artist also doesn’t shy away from employing digital manipulation techniques when it suits the image. In many cases, this simply means tweaking the colors to better portray the plumage of a bird or the lush greenery of a forest. Kevin also produces videos, taking his sense of visual color and composition to a new dimension. 


A digitally manipulated abstract photographUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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