Pop-Culture and Fantasy Figures: Painting by Clark Filio

A painting of a ghostly bicycle by Clark FilioUntitled

Clark Filio is a New York-based painter who works with a loose figurative style. Filio’s paintings of late have been concerned with depicting pop-culture and fantasy figures, drawing from a cinematic color palette and sense of composition.


A painting of a character from the TV series, Twin PeaksUntitled


I really enjoy the level of detail that Filio incorporates into his paintings – his style is a little splashy, and absolutely gestural, but with enough fine detail to capture the essence of each character and figure. Some of these paintings almost read like storyboard drawings, which are created in order to capture the movement and feel of a scene without spending too much time or getting bogged down in minutiae.


Filio’s color choices seem aimed at evoking a particular mood. Dramatic scenes and subjects are rendered with large planes of deep browns and blacks, with specific two-or-three color palettes used for highlight. I also enjoy the way that Filio sometimes uses lines and feathered, quick brushstrokes to create a sense of flowing movement. 


A bright yellow painting of a man with a bicycleUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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