Fleeting Suggestions: Art by Emil Harkó

A black and white oil painting of a colorless formUntitled, oil on linen

Emil Harkó is an abstract artist who works with hazy forms and fleeting suggestions. Emil tends to work on a small scale with very cohesive color palettes.


An abstract oil painting with a three dimensional appearanceUntitled, oil on linen


I’m really intrigued by the appearances of Emil’s most recent paintings on his website. The artist’s use of lighting and volumes creates the impression of marble sculptures in darkened rooms. The way Emil’s works suggest form while remaining completely abstract is impressive and rather delightful. Devoid of color, these works have an almost sinister look to them that only adds to the air of mystery and makes them difficult to resist.


The front page of Emil Harko's art websiteEmil's portfolio website, www.emilharko.com

In Emil’s previous works, and our previous feature of his self-contained abstraction, color plays a much bigger role. In older works, the color of each painting is cohesive and consuming, and tends to be earthy or somewhat neutral. Color offers a potential hint at the subject, but not enough to prove or disprove any theory of the audience.


An oil painting of stairs in deep red tonesUntitled, oil on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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