Frantic Immediacy: Illustration by Joey Feldman

An illustration of Barb from Stranger ThingsBARBST

Joey Feldman is an illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. Joey’s works feature sketchy, stringy, overlapping lines with splashes of paint and ink to give each work a sense of frantic immediacy. The artist works both creatively and commercially, often creating portraiture of pop-cultural and political figures.

A heavily shadowed portrait of Leonard CohenLeonardcohenprint


I really enjoy Joey’s use of color. It comes across as very confident, almost as if the color is the first thing that the artist lays down to ground the substrate right away, only later adding the lines and details of a given image. His portraits range from fairly straightforward to comically exaggerated, and he’s equally adept at both. I’m impressed that in either style the expression and mood of the subject is still quite clear.

Joey Feldman's gallery of portraits on his art websiteJoey's portrait gallery on his website


Joey’s mixed media on paper works are where the artist really lets his own personal style shine through. Many of these works follow a similar portrait format, but the subjects are wild creatures and robotic-looking, almost cubist visages that are reminiscent of some of the works of Picasso.

A painting of a heart with rainbow orbs for pridePRIDE

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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