Psychedelic Wearble Textiles: Art by David Faulk

A painting of a combination bird and pyramid figureWings, gouache

David Faulk is a mixed media artist and costume designer who creates works of bizarro pop-art and psychedelic wearable textiles. David’s paintings tend toward flat, saturated color planes and simplified, almost naïve-style figures.

A photo of a pair of surreal platform shoes worn by a performerBlue Platforms


In our last feature of David’s surreal pop-art, we looked mainly at the artist’s paintings. I really enjoy the way these works combine a very contemporary cartoon style with symbolic tropes of classical surrealism. Figures are simplified and flatly rendered, but often distorted into fantastical shapes or combined with other objects. The resulting images have a conceptual depth that goes far beyond their simple, uncluttered composition.

A screen capture of Box Chickens, David Faulk's art websiteDavid's portfolio website,


I also really love David’s costume works. Often these are made by attaching numerous brightly-colored plastic objects – everything from straws to gaudy costume jewels – to otherwise ordinary garments. As David himself states, “strangeness” is one of the primary design principles that he uses in the creation of these clothes, and I must say the artist tends to be successful.

A photo of a powersuit made with tapioca strawsTapioca Straw Suit

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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