Headlines: Momofuku, Confederate Monuments, Pantone

1) Encouraging Creative Thought Through Instant Noodles

A wall of ramen packaging at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Japan

Here’s a profile of the Japanese museum dedicated to instant ramen noodles. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is named after the inventor of instant noodles, and features exhibitions about everything from the invention process to current packaging designs. Guests can even participate in interactive exhibits - one in which visitors make their own instant noodles from scratch, and another in which they build a noodle-based dish and even design a cup to put it in. Though it may seem indulgent, the museum’s aim is to encourage children in particular to approach problems creatively, and potentially come up with new world-changing inventions.


2) Racist Monuments See Removals Across the States

Workers remove a confederate monument in Baltimore


In light of the recent Nazi rally in Charlottetown, Virginia, public attention around the United States and indeed, around the world, has increasingly turned to the collection of confederate monuments that are still on display in various cities across the States. This week the New York Times offered a comprehensive roundup of the hateful monuments that have thus far been removed. Statues and artworks in Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Durham, NC, to name a few, have been taken down with varying degrees of municipal action. Numerous other monuments are facing great public pressure for removal.


3) A Look at the (Gorgeous) New Sonic Art Book

 A look at the new Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Art Book


While art books celebrating the concept and character work in video games are hardly new, this one might come as a surprise. Publishers Cook & Becker have released a hefty tome/ art object celebrating none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, and by the sounds of this article in Kotaku, it’s quite a piece to behold. Featuring everything from concept illustrations to advertising posters and digital renderings, the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Art Book is bound in the character’s signature bright 90’s blue, and serves as a celebration and illustrated history of the game and the character.


4) Pantone Develops Official Prince Purple Shade

The new purple shade developed by Pantone for Prince


Pantone has announced the creation of a new shade of purple, titled “Love Symbol #2,” in honor of the late musician and performer, Prince. The color, which is strictly in keeping with the artist’s overall purple aesthetic, was the developed in consultation with Prince’s estate. The name “Love Symbol #2” refers to the enigmatic symbol that became synonymous with the artist in the 90’s. The color itself is modeled on the shade of Prince’s signature piano, and will be the standardized color choice for all official Prince branding from now on.



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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