Headlines: Gotz, Wiki, Koons

1) New York Museum Increases Pressure to Remove Central Park Monument

A photo of a monument in Central Park set to be removed

In a continuation of last week’s numerous stories about Confederate monuments being removed from cities around the U.S., a great amount of pressure is now being put on the city of New York to remove a statue that currently stands in Central Park. The East Harlem statue commemorates Dr. J. Marion Sims, a 19th-century doctor who is known for revolutionizing a particular surgery to aid in complicated childbirth - but also for experimenting on women of color, against the women’s will, and without the use of anaesthesia. The museum’s plea comes following years of protests and petitions by local residents.


2. Cities Contemplate the Recycling or Destruction of Monuments

 A photo of a damaged statue of Robert E. Lee


In light of the removal of many of these statues, some American cities are left wondering what exactly to do with the monuments. There is some reluctance to destroy the statues altogether, as they still represent important moments in American history, despite their hateful connotations in contemporary society. Suggestions for the repurposing of the statues have so far included ideas about keeping them in museum collections, moving them to Confederate cemeteries, or even melting them down (the metal ones, anyway) and re-casting them as statues of civil rights leaders.


3) Karl Otto Gotz Dies at 103

A photo of Karl Otto Gotz toward the end of his career


German artist Karl Otto Gotz passed away at the impressive age of 103. Gotz was a painter associated with Europe’s art informel movement, a painting movement often likened to American abstract expressionism. Gotz taught at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf throughout his art career, becoming a mentor for other renowned German painters including Gerhard Richter. Gotz was beloved in the international art world, but especially in Germany where some credited him with helping the nation turn over a new cultural leaf following World War II.


4) New Game Turns Wikipedia Into a Text-Based Adventure

A screen capture from Wikipedia: The Text Adventure by Kevan Davis


Ever fallen down a Wikipedia hole? Now you can do so on purpose with Wikipedia: The Text Adventure, a video game of sorts developed by Kevan Davis, a developer who previously used Wikipedia in the creation of a vaguely surreal, auto-generated novel entitled “Around the World in X Wikipedia Articles.” The Text Adventure allows players to move organically between tangentially related articles on the encyclopedia, including interactive actions that harken to the early days of PC-based roleplaying games.


5) Jay-Z Collaborating with Jeff Koons

A photo of Jay-Z performing with a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog


Jay-Z is making headlines in the art world thanks to his use of a blown-up (pun intended) version of one of Jeff Koons’ famous Balloon Dogs as a stage prop. The rapper debuted the aesthetic at V-Fest in the U.K., and has indicated that he plans to use the dogs throughout his upcoming tour. Koons is reportedly complicit in the whole thing.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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