Paintings and Portraiture by John Langeveld

A painting of a group of teepees in early morninguntitled

John Langeveld specializes in paintings and portraiture. John’s works often depict pets and contemporary human subjects, though he also has an affinity for historical scenes and portraits of First Nations people in traditional dress.

A painting of a First Nations man in traditional dressUntitled


I like reading John’s own descriptions of his portrait process – the artist especially emphasizes the importance of the subject’s comfort. It’s easy to see in many of the artist’s works that his subjects are at ease, that the portrait process is one that is both intimate and lighthearted. In John’s gallery of “random” work images, the artist shows off his proficiency with childhood portraits. I’m quite impressed with how delicately and accurately the artist is able to render children’s faces and expressions, usually a somewhat difficult subject.

A screen capture of a gallery on John Langeveld's art websiteA portrait gallery on John's website

I also really enjoy John’s landscape imagery – he’s very adept at using light and shadow, and takes risks especially with the shadow. Paintings and drawings that might be documentarian take on a mysterious, intriguing air, painted with deep shadows and sparing highlights.

A black and white drawing of two young childrenUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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