Mosaic Art by Suzanne Coverett Earls

A mosaic work depicting a shadowed faceSelf-Portrait in SIlence

Suzanne Coverett Earls is an artist based in Scotland, Ontario, who creates works of mosaic art at her studio, Pieceful Arts. The artist’s works are influenced by her travels, and often include techniques and aesthetics from Asian and African art practices.

A mosaic artwork of a black birdPiecefulSolitude

Suzanne’s mosaic art pieces are interesting in the ways they depart from the norms of traditional mosaic work. I really like the way the artist uses irregularly shaped pieces of glass to build up each image. Suzanne often uses cast-off and found glass pieces in her works – remnants from stained glassworks and greenhouses – to add an extra dimension of environmental consciousness to each of her finished pieces.

A screen capture of the front page of Suzanne Coverette Earls' art websiteThe front page of Pieceful Arts


The artist’s use of irregular pieces, with different tones of similar color shades, makes for dynamic visuals. The works take on a highly contemporary visual sense and in some cases only reveal themselves as mosaics on second look. For more stained glass artwork, check out Jewelweed Studios, and Kevyn Cundiff.

A mosaic glass work with tall trees and blue colorsDepths

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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