Raw Clay: Sculpture by Kanyamashokoro César

A sculpture made in the image of Rodin's BalzacRodin's Balzac Interpretation

Kanyamashokoro César creates works of clay sculpture that showcase the beauty of the process. Shoko’s works embrace imperfection and a natural aesthetic, in which the artist celebrates the coloration and texture of raw clay.

A fragmented human figure made from clayLive Model from Clay

I like the tactile nature of Shoko’s sculptures – many of then depict human figures, and feature plenty of evidence of the artist’s interventions and the process of building up the form. Some of Shoko’s more recent sculptures remind of the work of Rebecca Warren, another artist very concerned with drawing deliberate attention to the sculpting process.

A screen capture of Shoko Cesar's art websiteThe front page of Shoko's website


Some of Shoko’s works are highly abstracted – a series of Live Models from clay are mostly unrecognizable as human figures, yet they still seem to have a sort of organic presence and personality about them. The combination of rounded, bulbous forms and hard, flat edges -- seemingly created by cutting straight through the clay – makes for a great sense of tension in the sculptures.

An abstracted clay modelLive Model from Clay

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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