Mythologically Figurative: Glasswork by Dan Cummings

A sand-carved glass sculptureSence UL 7, sand carved glass

Dan Cummings is a glass artist and sculptor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dan’s works are often mythologically figurative, and utilize a range of glasswork techniques to achieve their aesthetics.

A carved and painted sheet of glassOriental Rose, carved and painted glass table top

I love the distinct sense of flowing movement that Dan brings into each of his works – looking through his carved and etched glass gallery, my eyes are drawn across the entire plane of each work, usually by one or two decisive curved wave forms. In some cases, Dan utilizes these curved forms to build up the shape of a human figure, in other cases, crashing ocean waves and abstracted, shell-like details. The pearlescent coloring of these etched glass works reinforces their dreamy, oceanic subject matter.

The front page of Dan Cummings' art websiteDan's art portfolio website


In Dan’s gallery of glass sculpture, the artist uses carving and glass painting techniques to create colorful and intricately patterned sheets of glass. Many come in the form of table-tops, or decorative medallions. I really appreciate the use of color in these works – while still somewhat subdued, it speaks to a great sense of energy lying within each piece.

A photo of a carved glass railing detailRock & Roll Bar, carved and edge lit glass handrail

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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