Studio Sunday: Robin Kang

A photo of Robin Kang in her studio space


Studio Sunday artist Robin Kang is a sculptor and textile artist based in New York. Kang uses traditional textile techniques like weaving, sewing and quilting to produce art objects that combine futuristic patterning and aesthetics with time-honored techniques of production. The artist is originally from Kerrville, Texas, and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Kang’s Brooklyn studio looks cozy and businesslike. Being a textile artist, naturally the largest central point of Kang’s studio is the power loom, which the artist is posing in front of in the above photo. Looks like there’s a work in-progress being woven, with a lot of dark-colored fibers hanging down the front part of the loom.


I love seeing all the different colors of threads that Kang has collected on the shelf at the back of the space. It looks like she has a whole rainbow of large spools, just waiting to be sewn or woven into interesting works of art. The small desk at the back of the room appears to have more smaller spools on it, as well as a range of different supplies – maybe for adding extra detail to woven works.  I can imagine Kang doing a lot of sketching and planning for works at this desk, and maybe utilizing materials that are not entirely fabric-based.


Recently, Kang has been creating woven tapestries that feature patterns in heavy black thread made to suggest the patterns of electronic circuitry. These and other works by the artist have been exhibited all over the world.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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