Multiple Disciplines: Art by Mizu

A painting of aspens in front of an abstract backgroundSeven Aspens

Colorado-based artist Isaac Carpenter works under the moniker Mizu, creating colorful paintings and works of mixed media that combine multiple disciplines. Mizu’s paintings have appeared on traditional canvas and board, as well as vinyl records, t-shirts, and building walls.

A painting of pale tress on a vinyl recordUntitled


I love the artist’s use of color throughout his portfolio. Mizu’s pigments are highly saturated, and often in primary reds, blues, and yellows, but it’s the artist’s skillful blending that really makes his paintings stand out. Many of his paintings are backed with a beautiful gradient sky that almost seamlessly fades from blue into red, showcasing technical skill even in works that are surreal, exaggerated, and even humorous.

The front page of Mizu's art websiteMizu's portfolio website,


The artist also utilizes background and foreground layering to great effect. In many cases, the foreground and background of a painting seem to contain drastically different subject matter – trees crop up against abstract geometric fields, and simplified, commercial forms sit on backdrops of blended desert landscapes -- yet the artist’s consistent style and use of color provides enough common ground for an image that feels cohesive.

A painting of three serpents on a strange psychedelic backgroundDrastic Magic Tactic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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