Headlines: Fearless, Guggenheim, Kusama

1) Fearless Girl Firm Found Underpaying Women and Minority Workers

A photo of Fearless Girl


The firm responsible for funding the now infamous “Fearless Girl” statue on New York’s Wall Street has reached a settlement after being found to have underpaid hundreds of women and minority workers. State Street, a Boston-based financial firm, was audited in 2012, an examination which reportedly brought to light the company’s significant underpayment of black and female workers in a number of high-level positions.


2) Guggenheim Cites Threats as Reason for Pulling Works

A photo of Huang Yong Ping's Theatre of the World installed at the Guggenheim sans bugs


A follow-up to the controversy surrounding the Guggenheim’s decision to pull works from a retrospective of Chinese art. In a media session on Thursday, Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong noted that the protests from animal rights activists had taken on a threatening nature. According to Armstrong, the museum had received multiple threats that prompted staff to call the police. The Guggenheim eventually elected to pull the works, feeling the safety of museum goers and staff was potentially at risk.


3) A Look at Louvre Copyists

A photo of an artist copying a masterpiece in a museum


Here’s a look at the practice of copying — like the more dignified cousin of forgery, copying dates back to 18th century France, when the Louvre was declared open to the public immediately following the death of Marie Antoinette, and the end of the French Revolution. Over time, it became a celebrated practice to go to a museum and attempt to paint an old masterpiece merely from sight. This article looks at a few modern copyists who have found their artistic niche in creating incredibly accurate copies of museum masterpieces.


4) Vice Reporter Banned from Kusama's Studio

A screen capture from a Vice video on Yayoi Kusama


And a story from a Vice reporter who was banned from Yayoi Kusama’s studio. The article is much more sensitive and thought-provoking than the attention-grabbing headline might suggest.




Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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