Figurative Expressionism: Art by Jeffrey Newman

A painting of a strange cartoon, acrylic on canvas

Jeffrey Newman creates paintings based around an aesthetic of abstract and figurative expressionism, combining techniques of drip-painting, landscape painting, and text elements into works that have an aura of spirituality and introspection.

A painting of a red sky with black silhouetted treesblood red sky, acrylic on canvas


Jeffrey’s portfolio, “NuISMS” is packed with works in a warm color palette that strikes me as quite inviting. The artist imbues every one of his works with an intense sense of energy, one that’s rather infectious. Even in works where the abstraction is reigned in in favor of a figurative subject, like in Jeffrey’s landscapes, the sense of energy shines through in the occasional splash of paint or quick, gestural moment.

A screen capture of Jeffrey Newman's art websiteJeffrey's art portfolio website,


Speaking of landscapes, I do really enjoy this series on Jeffrey’s portfolio website. The very splashy, textural way in which the artist renders trees and skylines is somehow satisfying. In some works, the layers of small brush marks take on a pointillist aesthetic, and become reminiscent of works by Lawrie Dignan, or Douglas Moulden.

A painting of a forest in yellow tonesbishops fall, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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