Vibrant Plein-Air Landscapes by Brian Buckrell

A painting of a mountainous landscape in CanadaThree Sisters Spring, Canmore, acrylic


Brian Buckrell is a Comox, BC-based painter who works in both acrylic and oil, creating vibrant plein air landscapes that are imbued with a great sense of life and movement. Brian’s portfolio combines technical skill and realistic landscape painting with an expressionist color sensibility.

A landscape painting with bright light and warm colorsLighthouse Evening, acrylic


I find Brian’s use of color throughout his portfolio quite stunning. Each work, whether it depicts a majestic waterfall or a still lake, pops with bright, saturated colors. Brian’s recent paintings practice has evolved in a slightly abstracted, simplified direction, where landscape elements are rendered in large almost geometric planes of color.

The gallery of available paintings on Brian Buckrell's art websiteBrian's gallery of available work


Some of Brian’s most recent works carry this hard-edged look in a way that suggests palette-knife painting, a technique which is especially effective for rendering the jagged, rocky edges of cliff faces. The artist’s use of color in this manner calls to mind similar to that of Claire Cepukas, or even Tom Thompson.

A subdued painting of a rocky hillAlong the West Coast Trail

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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