Quiet Dignity: Art by Claudette Webb

A portrait of three young children in formal wearChelsea, Keelyn, and Kailyn, Prismacolor on Stonehenge paper

Claudette Webb is a traditional artist who works with oil paint, graphite, and colored pencil. Utilizing a self-described “gentle realism,” the artist portrays people, pets, and wild animals with a sense of quiet dignity and care.

A portrait of a woman in close-upArletta, Prismacolor pencil


I really enjoy the feel of Claudette’s Prismacolor pencil drawings. The gallery of these colored-pencil artworks has imagery ranging from family portraits to animal drawings, all of which are rendered with the same soft, realistic yet slightly ethereal quality. The slight texture imparted by the medium creates a very inviting sense of tactility in each of the images, and distinguishes these portraits from photographs.

The front page of Claudette Webb's art websiteClaudette's art website, www.claudettewebbartist.com


In the majority of her portraits, Claudette relies on a basic, monochromatic or neutral background, to keep the focus firmly on the subject. In some works, the artist showcases her subject on a dark grey or pure black background, which creates a really inviting sense of drama even in pet portraits.

A portrait of a mother and child giraffemother and baby, prismacolor pencil drawing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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