Community-Oriented Art by Katrina Alexy

A collage work expressing aesthetics of an eggUntitled

Multi-media artist Katrina Alexy has produced works of public and personal art, ranging from large-scale installations, to signage, to traditional works of collage. Throughout her portfolio, Katrina takes a personable, community-oriented art approach.

A collage image made with Blue Chip stampsTools


I’m enjoying the works in Katrina’s Blue Chip series. These collage works are based around Blue Chip stamps, which were given to customers at various stores as a type of rewards program prior to digitization. Katrina fondly remembers her mother using the stamps to purchase new items on occasion, and the works themselves celebrate both the nostalgic aesthetic of the stamps themselves, and of consumerist signifiers of a bygone era.

A screen capture of Katrina Alexy's art websiteThe Blue Chip gallery on Katrina's art website


These works seem more personal than the ones we looked at in our previous feature of Katrina’s artwork. Yet, they share a common thread of relating to changes, both in one’s personal environment, and the greater world around us.

A collage made with Blue Chip stampsBlue Chip Queen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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