Sun-Dappled State: Art by Todd Scott Anderson

An art print of painted wildflowersMOUNTAIN WILDFLOWERS

Todd Scott Anderson lives and works between Florida and Mexico, creating splashy, colorful prints of flora from desert, mountains, tropics, and prairies. Todd’s works utilize color to great effect, offering close-up views of various landscapes in a sun-dappled state.

A printed painting of a tropical leafTROPIC FLORA


Each of the works in Todd’s online portfolio is available as a high-quality giclée print on canvas. While the colors of each work really pop when seen online, I can imagine they’d be ten times brighter in person. I love the loose and fun, yet very controlled aesthetic of each of Todd’s prints. Though he utilizes brighter-than-life colors and sharp, thoughtful compositions, the artist still manages to retain a natural and realistic look for the overall shape of his plant subjects.

A gallery of cactus paintings by Todd Scott AndersonThe cactus gallery on Todd's art website


I especially love the works in Todd’s Impressions on White gallery – in this series he takes the form of a plant leaf and paints it using what looks like a stencil technique. The result is a psychedelic splash of color contained within a detailed silhouette on negative space – a truly striking visual.  

A painting of a colorful ash leaf on a white backgroundASH ON WHITE

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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