Free-Form Learning Environment: Green Palette Arts

A painting of a white flower by Ann PattonBy Ann Patton

Green Palette Arts is a Calgary-based art education program. Located within the Ruberto Ostberg Art Gallery, Green Palette provides art students of all skill levels with a free-form learning environment and a space where they can paint their own unique masterpieces.

A painting of two parrots on a branchby Maureen Horn


Run by artist Brent Ciccone, Green Palette Arts offers classes that a little different from traditional school format art classes, or the party-style paint nights offered by artists such as Agnes Friedlander. In Brent’s class, the tone is informal and casual. Students are free to paint whatever subject they choose in whatever medium they want, while the instructor helps by answering questions, offering feedback, or making suggestions.

A screen capture of the Green Palette Arts


I appreciate being able to see some of the works from the annual student art shows on the Green Palette website. As the description of the classes would suggest, the artworks vary widely in terms of style, medium, and subject, but all seem rendered in a way that reflects the personal aesthetic sensibilities of the individual artist.


A painting of some industrial equipmentby Cheryl Delahunt

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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