Figures From Nature: Art by Pamela Squires

A painting of a wave crashing on a beachUntitled

Pamela Squires has been honing her painting skills for four decades, building up an impressively diverse portfolio packed with figures from nature, and imaginative abstraction. The artist favors color and dense texture, creating works that are gestural without forgoing detail.

A painting of a baby manateeBaby Manatee


I really like how consistent and strong Pamela’s style is throughout her art portfolio. Though her choice of subject matter varies widely, the artist always seems to find a way to portray her subjects both realistically, and with a range of deeply saturated colors. Underwater creatures like manatees are painted with a dappled palette of bright hues, rather than simply washed over with blue or grey. This attention to underwater detail reminds me of some works by Lisa Baechtle.

A gallery of bird paintings on Pamela Squires' art websitePamela's gallery of bird paintings


In her abstractions, Pamela takes her already bright color palette and utilizes it with even more freedom and abandon. These works tend to be built up over a background of saturated strokes of color, where the artist’s hand is emphasized and glorified.

An abstract painting with bright colors and splashes of paintTides of Change, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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