Re-Examining Ideas: Art by Lili Phelouzat

A painting with black geometric shapes layered over a pastel backgroundBLACK HOLE: PIECE 4, acrylic and graphic pen on heavyweight canvas textured paper

U.K.-based artist Lili Phelouzat is focused on re-examining ideas of existence and humanity through abstract works that deal in sharp, geometric lines and bright color. Lili is inspired by forms found in nature, as well as architecture and other man-made items.

An artwork depicting a series of geometric shapes on a pastel backgroundBLACK HOLE: PIECE 1, acrylic and graphic marker on heavyweight canvas textured paper


I really love some of the recent works that Lili showcases on her portfolio website. Her style seems to have become even more centered and focused since our previous feature of her complex geometric artworks. The paintings in her Black Hole series all take essentially the same background as their starting point, and layer mysterious silhouetted shapes in harsh black over the dappled pastel coloration of the substrate. The effect is jarring, attention-grabbing, and worthy of a longer look.

The front page of Lili Phelouzat's art websiteThe front page of Lili's portfolio website

In her Crossing series, Lili again utilizes contrast between heavy black mark-making and lightened tones of primary colors. In these works, however, the artist’s hand is much more visible in the textured, highlighted brush strokes that are visible within the larger black shapes. Rather than smooth, even surfaces, these paintings have a great sense of volume and tactility.

An abstract painting with a large black shape looming over the compositionCrossing: 6, acrylic on heavyweight canvas textured paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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