Free Flow: Art by Robert Malte Engelsmann

An abstract drawing on neutral paper


Robert Malte Engelsmann works under the pseudonym Kaeghoro, creating abstracted illustrations that draw inspiration from a range of sources both recognizable and hidden. The artist often creates his works using a free flow state of mind, allowing his pen or pencil to move freely, without too much planning.

An abstract drawing with a plane of black pigment


I really enjoy the overall aesthetic of Kaeghoro’s portfolio. The works are diverse, but cohesive, with elements of line drawing, painting, and printmaking. The artist works in black and grey pigment on neutral-colored paper that lends each image a warm, almost aged look that works in concert with the futuristic abstraction of his compositions.


The sense of movement and suggested figuration that Kaeghoro achieves in his works is quite stunning. Though an image may be entirely composed of fragmented lines and circles, oftentimes the viewer’s eye fills in the pattern of a running or jumping figure. Though the works may feature a range of frenetic lines and marks, there always seems to be distinct focal point where the viewer can come to rest.

An abstract drawing with tight movement lines(collaboration with Ryan Tippery)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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