Wearable Objects: Art by Sophie King

An embroidered feminist messageStop Blaming Women for Men's Inadequacies, hand-embroidery on a hoop

Textile artist Sophie King works with hand embroidery techniques. King produces artworks – often wearable objects -- that acknowledge views of textile art as a traditionally feminine practice and explore the potential strength and utility behind it.

A rose with the word BYE embroidered on itBye, hand embroidery on roses


Many of King’s recent works use embroidered text to directly call out problematic or misogynistic behaviours. Like a more direct and to-the-point Jenny Holzer, King emblazons pink and lacy clothing, as well as roses, with slogans urging the cessation of toxic behaviours that have become all-too ubiquitous in many cultures.  Many of the artist’s works also deal with notions of romantic relationships, with commands to love oneself before others.


I enjoy King’s choice to produce many of her works on wearable, reproduceable substrates. It seems as though this is the artist’s way of affirming that her works, and her messages, are for a wide public audience, not necessarily just those who would see them in galleries. The DIY, almost punk-esque aesthetic of her all-caps, slightly off-kilter lettering gives the words an even greater sense of urgency.

An embroidered piece of cloth with a feminist messageMy Aesthetic: Girls Who Have Been Treated Badly Finally in Caring and Respectful Relationships

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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