Embedded Symbolism: Art by Susan Keown

A drawing of abstract lines in blue and pink huesUntitled

Susan Keown creates busy, detailed abstractions with a focus on distilling physical and intellectual experiences into an artistic object. Susan’s works have a sense of spirituality and deeply embedded symbolism.

A collage image made from strips of magazines overlappingUntitled


I really enjoy looking through the different medium galleries on Susan’s website and exploring the unexpected connections that she’s able to form between vastly different art processes. In her drawings, Susan uses line and color to great effect, creating masses of frenetic, twisting lines that seem both organic and electronic. I see a lot of this same visually packed sensibility in her collage works, wherein the artist layers strips of cut magazines and newspapers over blended color backgrounds.

The front page of Susan Keown's art websiteThe front page of Susan's website


Susan’s ceramic works are quite beautiful on their own, and especially fascinating in the context of her overall portfolio. Each ceramic work is vastly different from the others, and each seems to celebrate imperfection in its own unique way. Many of these remind me of the natural ceramic aesthetic practiced by Bent Oaks Pottery.

A ceramic bowl with small cracks running through the glazeUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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