Exciting Curvature: Sculpture by Serge Mozhnevsky

A photo of a wood sculptureSerenity

Serge Mozhnevsky is a sculptor who creates abstract forms with exciting curvature in wood, metal, and stone. Serge creates works for both gallery exhibitions and public spaces, altering the dimensions and materials of his forms to suit each.

A wooden sculpture with a central metallic sphereEmbrace


I’m enjoying the sense of cohesion that’s present across most of the works in Serge’s online portfolio. Though his use of material varies widely, his compositions tend to utilize recurring shapes – oblong, irregularly curved prisms, accented by spheres – creating a sense that each work is a different interpretation of a similar thought.

A screen capture of Serge Mozhnevsky's art websitewww.sergesculpture.com


I also like the way some of Serge’s sculptures, though abstract, seem to suggest human figures. Two-pronged, elongated forms become arms, performing various tasks and movements. The rounded, central shapes become heads. While it certainly isn’t the only interpretation for these works, it’s easy to ascribe a certain personality or mood to each, which makes them all the more attractive, and tactile.

An outdoor aluminum sculpture of an abstracted embraceThe Kiss, aluminum

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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