Energetic Abstracts: Art by Franck De Las Mercedes

A painting made up of similar patterns and bright colorsBaby Demons, acrylic on canvas

New York artist Franck De Las Mercedes works with painting, collage, and mixed media elements, creating energetic abstractions that are compositionally and conceptually dense. With overlapping fields of highly saturated color, Franck creates psychedelic imagery that draws the eye across the entirety of the substrate.

An abstract painting with bright colors and white highlightsHigher Worlds, acrylic on canvas


The works in Franck’s recent series Feeling Center are devoid of recognizable figure, and instead take the form of canvases covered in what looks, at a glance, almost like a repeating pattern. I enjoy the way these patterns become, instead, dense collections of unique marks. The artist’s previous works have focused more on a central figure: the works in Idlelatria, for example, are primarily figurative, with human subjects posed and interacting with objects in a way that feels deliberate and almost religiously symbolic.

A screen capture of Franck De Las Mercedes' art websiteFranck's art website, www.franckdelasmercedes.com

I enjoy the cohesiveness of Franck’s color palette throughout his portfolio. The artist doesn’t shy away from using a palette that veers into the psychedelic, with electric greens and blues that have an almost digital sense.

A painting combining traditional aesthetics with contemporary subject matterOutsider Dreams, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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