Art With Healing Practices: Gallery 555

An artwork by Stacey SprouleYou turned it on the world, that's when you turned the world around, gel pen on paper by Stacey Sproule

Located on Bloor Street in Toronto, Ontario, Gallery 555 is a contemporary gallery space focused on showcasing emerging artists. The space combines art with healing practices including in-house acupuncture and yoga workshops.

An artwork by Rebecca ChaperonGather, acrylic on paper by Rebecca Chaperon


I’m really enjoying looking through the catalog of current and previous exhibitions on Gallery 555’s website. There’s a sense of cohesion that flows through all the different artworks that have been shown at the gallery, but each artist’s selections have their own distinct aesthetic and feeling. In most of the exhibitions it seems that the works address ethereal, even esoteric concepts that go beyond the physical space of the work or the gallery.

A screen capture of the Gallery 555 websiteThe front page of


Works by Rebecca Chaperon, for instance, depict a fantasy landscape, exploring portals and mysterious crystals. Stacey Sproule’s Widening Circles present a series of fractal abstractions, each imbued with conceptual meaning through a poetic statement title.  The gallery’s most recent exhibition, selected works by Chen Cao, is packed with references to paintings of bygone eras, with a symbolic significance.

An oil painting by Chen CaoLife and Death, oil on canvas by Chen Cao

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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