Unconventional Lives: Photography by Michael Matthew Woodlee

A photograph of a vascular catheterVascular Catheter

Michael Matthew Woodlee is a photographer who works to capture candid moments of subjects living unconventional lives. Michael’s photography is skillfully framed but always feels organic and intently present.

A photograph of wilderness inside Yosemite National ParkHalf Dome from above Tenaya Lake

In our previous feature of Michael’s artwork we looked at the way his images are presented as dramatic fragments of a fuller narrative. While each photo presents a great deal of visual information, the viewer is left with several possible avenues for interpreting the narrative. I also quite enjoy the lighting in Matthew’s photographs. It has a clear sense of deliberateness, but never feels contrived or false.

The front page of Michael Matthew Woodlee's art websitewww.michaelmwoodlee.com


I’m enjoying looking through Michael’s series Yos-E-Mite, in which the artist depicts residents of Yosemite National Park. Michael’s photographs of the landscape help to contextualize the individuals therein. I look forward to seeing more of what Michael has been working on in recent years.

A photograph of a woman in Yosemite ParkClaire, chipmunk research intern

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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