Unfiltered Viewpoint: Photography by Emina Kurtagic

A photo of some small dogs on a lawn in the springapril grass

Emina Kurtagic takes accessible photographs with a distinct focus on the subject rather than the framing. Emina’s work has a very documentarian feel, and the artist portrays a wide variety of subjects from an unfiltered viewpoint.

A photograph of some rosehips in the autumnrosehips


In our previous feature we looked at Emina’s sensitive portrayals of seasons, memories, and moments. I find that many of Emina’s photos project a very distinct mood. Her style of photography doesn’t tend toward a specific focal point, rather presenting a large plane of visual information and leaving the viewer to parse what is important to them personally.

A screen capture of Emina Kurtagic's art websitewww.eminakurtagic.com


There’s often a sense of the spiritual in Emina’s works, whether it’s a simple nature photograph, or images of yoga, sculpture, or the home. The artist has a knack for capturing the rare peace found in quiet moments, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the artist’s practice has taken her in recent years.

A photo of some geese in a winter enclosureHappy...

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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